We have an integrated approach to the design and building process. When we work together, we see you as a partner, not just another client. Our job is to help you make the best choices for your house. Here's the process:

We can tailor a design to your current lot, or help you find the right property for your next build. We'll talk about features of the site we can save and reuse, and create a space that not only feels right in the neighbourhood, but also in the surrounding environment. Our goal is to design the home that best suits both the site and your needs. 


Every home begins with a good plan. We start by building the budget, setting project goals, and creating timelines. A lot of planning goes into making sure that your home will not only last long, but can also meet future needs. Whether it's building your home so it's solar ready, or preplanning for an electric car, we are always looking into design and building practices that will make your home have a sustainable future. 


Our Designer will work closely with you to make sure we meet the goals established in the planning stage. The build team will be consulted for feedback on best practices, permits will be attained, and the interior design will be decided, which includes picking all finishes and appliances. When possible, we try to reincorporate unique materials from the original home.


ArtHouse is a very hands-on team. We will do most of your home's carpentry ourselves, and our Project Manager integrates with the Designer and the Sub-trades to ensure clear communication on other aspects of the build. By this step, you will have met most of the people that will be key figures in the building of your new home.


The last phase of your home build will involve a final walk-through. This is where you, the Designer, and the Project Manager make sure all the details have been paid their due attention. The home is then cleaned and ready for you to move in. Welcome home.

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