Impose: Transitory Public Art Project

Clients: Threshold Art + Design Collective

ArtHouse partnered with Threshold, a student design group at the University of Alberta, to build treehouse buildings and brace structures for IMPOSE. In addition, we helped connect them with other sponsors that contributed to the project. The project examined the urban environment and public vs. private space. Impose was a 2015 Urban Design Award Winner of Excellence in the Student Category. Read about it in The Edmonton Journal,  The Huffington Post, and The Metro.

Click on an image to view in full.


LitTle Brick Reno

Client: Little Brick Café and General Store

Although ArtHouse Residential is not a renovation company, we felt this contractor project for Little Brick was a great opportunity to help revitalize a piece of Edmonton's history. The Riverdale home was originally built in 1903, and consequently required a lot of custom care to get it back in shape. Little Brick provides a much needed space for the community to meet up for coffee, buy goods and groceries, and to host special celebrations at — all things ArtHouse supports having in our neighbourhoods.

We were happy to help turn this historic home into the community space it is now. Please click on an image to see it in full.


Varghese Treehouses

Client: Varghese Family

The Varghese’s became aware of Arthouse through the publicity of Threshold’s Public Art Project. They wanted to have a unique treehouse built in their backyard for use by their two small children. The treehouse was custom built and site specific. Scott Wilson, Arthouse’s Designer, worked with the Varghese’s to accommodate their specific use and aesthetic requirements. Most importantly, it's super fun to play in.